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tournament thursday through saturday. cal will face unlv thursday at 4:30:00 p.m. cal is the 12th seed of the east region. unlv is the fifth seeded team and is five and one all-time versus cal. >>> the mens basketball team was selected for the tournament yesterday. they will play middle tennessee state in the first four tomorrow night in dayton, o high. if they win they will become the 11th seed of the midwest region and play the sixth seed memphis on thursday. >>> a closer look at wall street and why investors are in a selling mood plus a policy change at the happiest place on earth and why some children will not like it. >>> stocks are down slightly on wall street after an early sell off caused by concern that a bail out plan for the mediterranean island nation of cypress would reignite the european debt crisis. the dow down 37, nasdac down seven, s & p down six. >>> this is just in the. trustee overseeing casey anthony's bankruptcy case has filed a motion to sell the rights to her story so she can pay her debts. in a motion filed today in tampa,
hit and killed a man this morning on the cal train tracks in palo alto. the northbound train hit the man about 6:50 near charleston road. that closed the tracks in both directions for about an hour causing major delays in the morning commute. the southbound tracks reopened just before 8:00 a.m. this is the fifth death on the cal train tracks this year. >>> we want to update you now on the top story. an amber alert issued early this morning is now over. a little girl was found late this morning inside her mother's car, that car had been stolen. ktvu's ktvu janine de la vega with more on the person that stole the white jeep. >> reporter: yes, very happy conclusion to this story since that little girl is safe. we're told she's now at a local hospital being checked out but she was found here behind me, this is on amorosa court, near capital expressway and center road. we understand, police tell us it was a tip that was called in, somebody spotted a stolen jeep in this neighborhood and then called police. to get more information about how this all c
. cal is among the team playing. they are the 12th seed and will face unlv at 4:30 tomorrow afternoon. they are holding a free public practice at the pavilion. the other bay area team in the tournament is st. mary's. they beat middle tennessee and they will face memphis in that game tomorrow in detroit. >>> and we'll have more of the noon news right after this. ♪ i'm your venus ♪ [ female announcer ] what does beauty feel like? find out with venus embrace. every five-bladed stroke gives you 360 degrees of smooth for goddess skin you can feel and feel. ♪ i'm your venus ♪ only from venus embrace. >>> stocks rose on wall street after the federal reserve stood by the plan to boost the economy. that announcement came at 11:00 this morning, also concern is easing about a possible financial crisis in cypress. the nation needs a bailout to avoid defaulting on the financial obligations. >>> the dow is currently up 63. the nasdaq is up 23. s&p is up 10. >>> we are now less than a week away from the day the u.s. supreme court will hear oral arguments on
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3